Why is the Indigo more expensive? Indigo dyeing is time consuming. It takes up to 10 dips in the indigo vat - with full dries in between - to get RJ's deep indigo color. Since it takes more time, it costs more for me, so unfortunately more for you. But it's so worth it.

Are there any stores we can buy Rudy Jude at? We have decided to keep Rudy Jude Direct to Consumer. We want to be able to give you the best shopping experience and the most ethical clothing at the lowest cost. That means we don't have to mark up the prices to meet traditional wholesale standards, and we get to put our hands on every single order.

Do you ship internationally? We do! We offer a $10 flat rate for all international orders. For all orders shipping outside of the US the ship-to recipient will be responsible for any taxes or customs duties incurred. Unfortunately, we are unable to mark merchandise as "gift" or "no commercial value". Please note we are unable to estimate the total amount of taxes or duties that may be due at time of delivery. For questions regarding customs fees we suggest contacting your local government. All international orders are considered final sale once shipped and are therefore ineligible for refund or exchange. 

Do you gift wrap? Yes! for free! Let us know if you want to include a card.

I spilled something.. now it looks like a bleach stain on my shirt and i'm. so. sad. Some of our natural dyes react to spills in different ways. Sometimes when you spill something with a high acid content (like: lemonade, apple cider, tomato juice, or... pee) on your RJ's, a magical oddly colored stain will appear. Don't freak! It will look different from a traditional stain. Try washing first with baking soda (which neutralizes acids) and then continue laundering as per ushe. The stain will fade with each wash, and more likely than not you won't even notice it after a while. If it's REALLY bad, you can over-dye it! ... a service coming to you soon at Rudy Jude.
Will you please make some adult sizes already? Working on it!

e-mail me with your questions: hello@rudyjude.com