Rudy Jude garments are all PLANT DYED using roots, berries, bark, flowers, leaves, lichen, wood. All of our fabric is sourced from mills using ONLY organic and sustainable practices. Each garment is happily sewn in Los Angeles and SHIPS WORLDWIDE with zero plastic waste.

We are dedicated to keeping toxic chemicals off of our bodies, out of our water-ways, soil, ecosystems, and communities, and to creating timeless clothing for the whole family that stays in your closet and out of the landfill.

You deserve the best.


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New Arrivals

Introducing our new additions, the Pony Blouse and the Janey Dress, classic pieces to carry you through from winter to spring.

New Arrivals

Signature Thermals

Our signature thermals were the first product we ever made. We were looking to elevate a classic Maine staple with organic fabrics and plant dye. The signature Thermal continues to be one of our favorite and best selling styles. Timeless for sure.

Designed in Maine, made in California, shipping Worldwide.

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