Caring for naturally dyed garments is a little different than caring for conventionally dyed garments, but as soon as you do it this way, i'm sure it will become an easy part of your routine.

Regular washing
  • Avoid contact with acidity or citrus.
  • Always use natural soap, preferably one with a neutral PH
  • If you prefer using powder soap, please dissolve it fully before adding clothing to the wash cycle
  • Turn garments inside-out, and wash on cold with like colors
  • Direct sunlight will effect the natural colors, if you line dry (yay, we do too!) do it in the shade.
  • Hand wash delicate items. Wash bags are also recommend! 
  • Wash indigo with dark colors
  • Do not spot clean!
  • Most natural dyes react to acid, so please be careful when handling citrus, or citrus juices. If a stain happens please wash as normal with cold water and do NOT stain remove. If a stain persists don't panic, it will fade with time. 
  • Sweat stains should disappear after washing normally