About us

Rudy Jude was founded by designer and Mainer Julie O’Rourke. Each collection is a tribute to a life lived in nature, whether it be on the rocky coast of Maine or the sandy beaches of California. Rudy Jude clothes are made for collecting shells, laying down in tall grasses, and for throwing on the ground to take a quick swim. They’re made to get dirty, to be passed down, and to be really, really loved.


Our mission is to create timeless, essential clothing with the most responsible production practices. Our cotton is the highest quality organic cotton sourced from sustainable farms from around the world and milled in Japan. Our Blue Jean Denim is organic natural indigo selvedge denim from Japan.


All of our dyed garments are garment dyed in our own Los Angeles studio using only PLANTS. Our dying, washing, and finishing process is clean and natural keeping harsh chemicals and heavy metals out of our waterways away from you and your children and also away from our hard working production team that handles each and every piece.


We are excited to be on the forefront of naturally dyed clothing manufacturing. Our process is new and we value your feedback if you have any problems with the wear of your garment, please email us at hello@rudyjude.com with any questions or comments.