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There are so many things to worry about and research when it comes to our kids, their clothes shouldn't be one of them. I created Rudy Jude to be a no-brainer when it comes to shopping. I want you to feel confident knowing that your kids are wearing the most natural, responsible, and sustainable clothes that we have the power to make. We've got you covered!

So anyway, here's our spiel:

We do our best to source the kindest fabrics and the most natural dyes. With that, we need to remember that natural dyes fade and wear a little differently than conventional dyes. So please love your RJ pieces the same way you love your favorite pair of jeans or your oldest sweater and remember that each faded knee and sun-bleached sleeve makes your Rudy Jude unique to you!

Some of our dyes react to spills in different ways. Don't be surprised if you spill something with a high acid content (like: lemonade, apple cider, tomato juice, or... pee) on your Rudy Jude and a magical bizarrely colored stain appears. Don't freak! It will look different from a traditional stain but it will fade with each wash, and more likely than not you won't even notice it after a while.


Julie, why is the Indigo more expensive? The process of Indigo dyeing is very laborious and time consuming. It takes our dyer up to 10 dips in the indigo vat to reach our desired shade. Since it takes more time it costs more for me, so unfortunately more for you. But its so worth it.

Julie, are there any stores we can buy Rudy Jude at? Not as of now, considering the high cost of natural dying and organic cotton fabric, I've decided to experiment with only direct to consumer sales for the time being. That way, i can keep the cost of goods so much lower than I could at a whole sale price. Natural clothing is so important, it shouldn't be out of our price range, amiright??

Julie, I spilled something.. now it looks like a bleach stain on my shirt and i'm. so. sad. Did you read the thing above? Its really not as bad as it looks. just pop it in the wash ASAP and you'll see it will fade like any other stain. If its REALLY bad, try over-dying it! ... i'll write a blog post about that one.

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